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  • Gnomish device

    This large device was discovered by [[Artemis]] and [[Elec]] in the bottom of the hold of the SpellJamming ship [[The Axe]]. It's unclear what the device is or was intended to do. When [[Elec]] his the giant green button on the device it caused the …

  • tongueless hobgoblin

    This Hobgoblin is somewhat of an unknown. He was in the prison of [[The Axe]] with [[Artemis]] and [[Elec]] when they woke up. At first he seemed dumb, but eventually he revealed that he could understand them, but he does not have a tongue. He's …

  • The Crawlers

    The Crawlers are a possibly mythical counterpart to [[The Walker]] that the party has encountered. The party has yet to encounter one of [[The Crawlers]], let alone anyone who has seen them in person. [[Joaquim]] dismissed both [[The Crawlers]] and [[ …

  • The Flyers

    The Flyers are a possible relation of [[The Walker]], although the party has not yet encountered one or encountered anyone who has seen one. [[Joaquim]] dismissed rumors of The Flyers and [[The crawlers]] are folklore and superstitious nonsense.

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