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  • The Walker

    [[The Walker]] is a giant denizen of the unknown planet that [[Artemis]] and [[Elec]] crashed [[The Axe]] on. It is unclear what The Walker is, but it is obviously intelligent and a being of great power. It is also pretty clearly malevolent as it kills …

  • The Crawlers

    The Crawlers are a possibly mythical counterpart to [[The Walker]] that the party has encountered. The party has yet to encounter one of [[The Crawlers]], let alone anyone who has seen them in person. [[Joaquim]] dismissed both [[The Crawlers]] and [[ …

  • The Flyers

    The Flyers are a possible relation of [[The Walker]], although the party has not yet encountered one or encountered anyone who has seen one. [[Joaquim]] dismissed rumors of The Flyers and [[The crawlers]] are folklore and superstitious nonsense.

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