The Wizard and The Walker


After making it to Big City, the party spent an uneventful night at a pleasant inn named the The Dran and Punjin (which seemed to be a play on local fauna). The following morning the party eventually met up with a man who claimed to work for a local bigwig, he did in fact work for a local big wig. A wizard by the name of Joaquim. Joaquim proposed hiring the party to track down their crashed air ship. Once the party agreed to his proposal he grew very talkative, discussing how The Walker had not always lived on this planet, but had been here for generations. The presence of The Walker had profoundly changed life on the planet, forcing humans to live in well lit places and only travel during the day. It had also changed wildlife, any nocturnal creatures unable to adapt to a more diurnal existence were rapidly made extinct. It’s unclear if other human (or humanoid) settlements exist on this world or not. It’s also unclear if other Walkers exist or not. The party has heard passing mention of The Crawlers and The Flyers, but it’s not clear if those actually exist or not.
Using their hosts good name Elec and Artemis got some equipment and killed some time until Joaquim had gathered the group he thought he needed to find, fix and fly the airship.
The party found the airship with little problem, Elecs tracking skill was well suited to the task. As they began to show the accompanying wizard the inner workings of the vessel, the entire group was attacked by what they could only assume was The Walker. The Walker quickly devestated the mercenaries accompanying the party and killed the wizard. Elec, Artemis and the tongueless hobgoblin sheltered in the ship until [[The Walker attacked it and drove them out.
The met a few surviving members of the guards who had accompanied them and with those guards fled towards what they hoped was Big City with The Walker hot in pursuit.
After an exhausting evening of hiding, backtracking and running they found themselves in a dead sprint towards a mountain with The Walker gaining on them. A sharp-eyed member of the party noticed a cave that seemed to small for the giant walker to follow them in so the surviving members of the group sprinted towards that. As they sprinted they covered a strange hollow sounding ground that opened beneath them, dumping them down into some dark hole.


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