The Planet and The cold


As Elec, Artemis and the tongueless hobgoblin prepared to spend their first night on the unknown planet they noticed an unnatural chill in the air. They were unable to determine the cause of the chill however. Other than that the night was undisturbed and they all slept well.
The following morning they prepared to leave the shelter of the crashed ship. Elec used Wayfarer to follow the path that the Orcs took when they left the ship. Shortly after leaving the ship they encountered what appeared to be a pretty one sided battle ground. Oddly there were no bodies however, and the Orc tracks simply stopped. There were very large tracks leading away from the battle and, lacking any other landmarks or directions, the party chose to follow them. Eventually the tracks led them to a straight, well lit-road on which they met a traveling merchant.
The merchant offered them a ride to Big City. While on the way to Big City the party and the merchant were attacked by bandits. With the merchants help the party was able to fend off the bandits and continued on their way to Big City. The merchant gave them some small background to the planet, at least the immediate surroundings. He discussed Half-Way and Furthest as well as naming the creature that the characters had been following, The Walker.


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