The beginning


Elec and Artemis are both kidnapped from their respective worlds. For various reasons, that are mostly their own, they were each in the northern lands of their worlds. While the attacks on the cities they were somewhat similar, they each noticed different things before being captured.
Artemis was separated from his friend Regis and menaced by a large fire breathing creature, about the size of a small pony, before being knocked unconscious by a large warrior.
Elec actually saw the raiders flying ship spreading destruction before he was pinned under rubble and captured.
They awoke in a prison with a beautiful human woman, who introduced herself as Faern, and a tongueless hobgoblin who is still nameless. Elec and Artemis innately trusted (or perhaps had no other option) one another and the hobgoblin, but, Faern was stand-offish, although she accompanied the party for awhile.
The group overpowered an orcish jailer who came to collect Elec and escaped into the main body of the structure imprisoning them. They explored the lower level of the structure, without incident, discovering a cage the held the fire breathing beast that Artemis had seen and a Gnomish device in a storage hold.
As they progressed up the structure it became more and more obvious that they were on the boat that Elec had seen attacking the village he had been in. The second level of the boat had a mess hall and a bunk that the party avoided. They discovered a large stone, cruciform structure in one of the rooms of the boat. The structure had a figured strapped to it and several orcs in the room. After dispatching the orcs the group examined the structure to find that figure was the barkeep from the inn that Elec frequented on his forays into town. The barkeep was comatose, but after they removed the mask he roused himself enough to beg for death. Unclear with what they were dealing with, and noting a change in the boats momentum when the mask was disconnected the party reattached the mask to the barkeep.


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