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  • Faern

    Faern is a beautiful, human female. She was present when Artemis and Elec awoke on the prison ship, but fled their company right as the Orcs began to wake up after the confrontation in the SpellJamming room. It appeared that she survived the crash of …

  • Regis

    A onetime companion of [[Artemis]]. They were separated after the attack on the village where [[Artemis]] was captured.

  • tongueless hobgoblin

    This Hobgoblin is somewhat of an unknown. He was in the prison of [[The Axe]] with [[Artemis]] and [[Elec]] when they woke up. At first he seemed dumb, but eventually he revealed that he could understand them, but he does not have a tongue. He's …

  • Breach

    Breach is a Warforged warrior that [[Elec]] and [[Artemis]] discovered in an undead ship on the nameless planet. Breach appears to be very open about who and what he is, there appears to be very little guile in him, however, there is obviously a story …

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