A box and a backlog

(This functions as a summary for several missed synopses)
After exploring the 1st floor of the crashed ship, the party move upwards onto the 2nd floor. They immediately encounter the remains of Breach’s party, all dead now. Exploring the 2nd floor did little to explain the remains of the ship. There were undead everywhere, mostly zombies and wights, with occasional skeletons. The ship had, at one point, been well appointed, the party discovered an armory, as well as a gruesome lab filled with body parts.
After completing the exploration of the 2nd floor the party made their way to the 3rd floor. The third floor contained a ships helm, where some captain directed the flight of the ship, when the ship was airborne. The party also discovered a mysterious black orb of energy contained in a claw formation. It was never clear what the function of the orb was, although it did appear to warp the physical objects that were inserted into it.
On continuing exploration of the 3rd floor, the party found one room in particular that stood apart. It was a well appointed living quarter. Obviously designed for a spell-caster of some sort. It was remarkably well lit, and much less dusty than the rest of the ship, possibly suggesting that it was more recently inhabited? In this room the party found a mysterious box that was inscribed with runes representing life and death. No one in the party could get the box to open, although they did manage to make it shift confirmation sightly, but never found an opening. When the box was shaken there was a slight wispy sound from the inside, as if it contained dead leaves, or ancient fragments of cloth.
Eventually, using the ships controls, the party managed to escape through a large hatch in the back of the ship that led above ground. Despite a slight detour to investigate a cave, the party eventually made it back to Big City and to the house of Joaquim.
Joaquim seemed genuinely surprised by the news of the 2nd ship inhabited solely by the undead and promised to help the party investigate it. He immediately began planning a large scale operation, in which the ship would be surrounded by lights and thus protected from The Walker.
Unfortunately, early the next morning Joaquim‘s mansion was attacked by unknown assailants.
Figures dressed in all black armor, who manifested weapons on command searched the compound. They appeared to be led by a trio of warriors. One was a beautiful woman dressed in armor, and carrying a morning star. The second warrior was a burly scaled humanoid who was mostly covered in a large cloak, but carried a giant club. The third member of the trio was a slight drow who was unarmored, and carried a staff engraved with runes.
The party quickly found Joaquim and, at Joaquim’s insistence, rather than escaping, charged out the front door to confront the trio. Elec and Artemis quickly attacked the Drow, who was approaching them, under orders to “kill them and take it” (it was suspected to be the mysterious box, but that was not explicit). Joaquim went to battle the other two warriors.
During the fight against the strange Drow, some great spell was unleashed apparently destroying Joaquim as well as the other two warriors. During the chaos following the explosion, the strange Drow attempted to escape, but he was brought down by Artemis and Elec, who then kept him from dying, and bound him. Either to be questioned, or brought to justice.

The Flyer and the undead

After resting and listening to Breach‘s story, the party continued on their way. Unsure of where to go next they methodically explored the entire 1st level of the ship they were on. Breach confirmed that it was indeed a ship and that there were multiple levels above them.
After spending several hours investigating the grid of rooms they had found themselves in, the party moved out into a large open space and found a giant door. Forcing the door open they found themselves in a giant room. The room was completely empty, except for the walkways around the room, the soft purple light falling from the ceiling and the giant, dead monstrosity on the floor. Without some other confirmation neither Elec nor Artemis could be sure that the thing on the floor was indeed The Flyer, but if it wasn’t then there are some pretty terrible monsters on this planet. Elec bravely took some of the leathery wing of the creature, determined to fashion a cloak from it.
As the party moved up to the 2nd level of the ship they found the remains of Breach’s old party. They looted the dead and prepared to move on.

The Wights and the Warforged

The party found themselves tumbling down a large hole that had opened up under their feet as they fled The Walker. Artemis, Elec and the tongueless hobgoblin all survived the fall relatively unscathed. They found themselves in a darkened hallway made of some strange dark metal. Gathering themselves, and the two remaining guardsman from The Axe they set off exploring their surroundings.
The party quickly discovered that wherever they were was infested with undead. The quickly discovered a wight that killed one of the guardsmen, horrifically turning him into a wight as well. Cautiously now, the party continued to explore their surroundings.
In one room they discovered the body of a creature made of metal and wood. Elec determined that the wood was not something he recognized, and that there was some magic deep inside the body.
In another room, after a horrible mishap involving the last surviving guardsman and the pointy ends of a spear and rapier, they found the long since dead body of a wizard and a scroll of Repair. Quickly returning to the strange body, Elec cast the spell on it and revived the creature. The creature was surprisingly calm, considering what had happened to it, and introduced itself as Breach, a Warforged.
The party opted to barricade itself into the room and spend a fitful, sleepless night. Fortunately for Elec, Artemis and the tongueless hobgoblin, Breach did not sleep and asked only for a small dagger to entertain himself throughout the night while he kept watch.

The Wizard and The Walker

After making it to Big City, the party spent an uneventful night at a pleasant inn named the The Dran and Punjin (which seemed to be a play on local fauna). The following morning the party eventually met up with a man who claimed to work for a local bigwig, he did in fact work for a local big wig. A wizard by the name of Joaquim. Joaquim proposed hiring the party to track down their crashed air ship. Once the party agreed to his proposal he grew very talkative, discussing how The Walker had not always lived on this planet, but had been here for generations. The presence of The Walker had profoundly changed life on the planet, forcing humans to live in well lit places and only travel during the day. It had also changed wildlife, any nocturnal creatures unable to adapt to a more diurnal existence were rapidly made extinct. It’s unclear if other human (or humanoid) settlements exist on this world or not. It’s also unclear if other Walkers exist or not. The party has heard passing mention of The Crawlers and The Flyers, but it’s not clear if those actually exist or not.
Using their hosts good name Elec and Artemis got some equipment and killed some time until Joaquim had gathered the group he thought he needed to find, fix and fly the airship.
The party found the airship with little problem, Elecs tracking skill was well suited to the task. As they began to show the accompanying wizard the inner workings of the vessel, the entire group was attacked by what they could only assume was The Walker. The Walker quickly devestated the mercenaries accompanying the party and killed the wizard. Elec, Artemis and the tongueless hobgoblin sheltered in the ship until [[The Walker attacked it and drove them out.
The met a few surviving members of the guards who had accompanied them and with those guards fled towards what they hoped was Big City with The Walker hot in pursuit.
After an exhausting evening of hiding, backtracking and running they found themselves in a dead sprint towards a mountain with The Walker gaining on them. A sharp-eyed member of the party noticed a cave that seemed to small for the giant walker to follow them in so the surviving members of the group sprinted towards that. As they sprinted they covered a strange hollow sounding ground that opened beneath them, dumping them down into some dark hole.

The Planet and The cold

As Elec, Artemis and the tongueless hobgoblin prepared to spend their first night on the unknown planet they noticed an unnatural chill in the air. They were unable to determine the cause of the chill however. Other than that the night was undisturbed and they all slept well.
The following morning they prepared to leave the shelter of the crashed ship. Elec used Wayfarer to follow the path that the Orcs took when they left the ship. Shortly after leaving the ship they encountered what appeared to be a pretty one sided battle ground. Oddly there were no bodies however, and the Orc tracks simply stopped. There were very large tracks leading away from the battle and, lacking any other landmarks or directions, the party chose to follow them. Eventually the tracks led them to a straight, well lit-road on which they met a traveling merchant.
The merchant offered them a ride to Big City. While on the way to Big City the party and the merchant were attacked by bandits. With the merchants help the party was able to fend off the bandits and continued on their way to Big City. The merchant gave them some small background to the planet, at least the immediate surroundings. He discussed Half-Way and Furthest as well as naming the creature that the characters had been following, The Walker.

The ship and The button

After restoring power to the ship, by restoring the nameless torture to the poor barkeep, the party was going to continue exploring their prison ship, and hopefully find a way off. Unfortunately the noise caused by their dispatch of the guards in the room with the captive, as well as the momentary pause in the ships momentum, roused another Orc. He entered the room, the party was in and managed to escape with his life, sounding the alarm as he ran through the ship. Faern also fled, and was nowhere to be found when the party excited in pursuit. Confronted with poor odds, that seemed to be getting worse, the party bolted down the hallway and smashed into a locked room they hadn’t explored before. The room appeared to be a captains room, although the orc inside was not entirely lucid. Deciding that desperate times called for crazy measures the party, under the leadership of Elec, sprinted back towards the room that had contained the mysterious Gnomish device. As they fled Artemis was badly injured by the imprisoned fire-breathing beast, but managed to escape. With the orcs in pursuit Elec hit the giant green button on the Gnomish device and all hell broke loose. It’s not clear what happened, although they managed to piece together a few things; there were hard and rapid directional changes that caused the party (and everything else on the ship, except the Gnomish device) to be tossed around in all directions. The Orcs were apparently not anticipating this, as several of them died in the ensuing crash, suggesting that the device either malfunctioned, or was used for a purpose beyond what it normally was used for.
When the party came too they were alone in the ship on a unfamiliar planet. A tentative exploration of the ship showed that the creature in the cage was injured, several orcs were dead and the ship was grounded and damaged. After searching the ship for anything useful, and briefly exploring the external word the party set up camp in the old captains quarters to spend the night, hopefully in peace and quiet.

The beginning

Elec and Artemis are both kidnapped from their respective worlds. For various reasons, that are mostly their own, they were each in the northern lands of their worlds. While the attacks on the cities they were somewhat similar, they each noticed different things before being captured.
Artemis was separated from his friend Regis and menaced by a large fire breathing creature, about the size of a small pony, before being knocked unconscious by a large warrior.
Elec actually saw the raiders flying ship spreading destruction before he was pinned under rubble and captured.
They awoke in a prison with a beautiful human woman, who introduced herself as Faern, and a tongueless hobgoblin who is still nameless. Elec and Artemis innately trusted (or perhaps had no other option) one another and the hobgoblin, but, Faern was stand-offish, although she accompanied the party for awhile.
The group overpowered an orcish jailer who came to collect Elec and escaped into the main body of the structure imprisoning them. They explored the lower level of the structure, without incident, discovering a cage the held the fire breathing beast that Artemis had seen and a Gnomish device in a storage hold.
As they progressed up the structure it became more and more obvious that they were on the boat that Elec had seen attacking the village he had been in. The second level of the boat had a mess hall and a bunk that the party avoided. They discovered a large stone, cruciform structure in one of the rooms of the boat. The structure had a figured strapped to it and several orcs in the room. After dispatching the orcs the group examined the structure to find that figure was the barkeep from the inn that Elec frequented on his forays into town. The barkeep was comatose, but after they removed the mask he roused himself enough to beg for death. Unclear with what they were dealing with, and noting a change in the boats momentum when the mask was disconnected the party reattached the mask to the barkeep.


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