The Wights and the Warforged

The party found themselves tumbling down a large hole that had opened up under their feet as they fled The Walker. Artemis, Elec and the tongueless hobgoblin all survived the fall relatively unscathed. They found themselves in a darkened hallway made of some strange dark metal. Gathering themselves, and the two remaining guardsman from The Axe they set off exploring their surroundings.
The party quickly discovered that wherever they were was infested with undead. The quickly discovered a wight that killed one of the guardsmen, horrifically turning him into a wight as well. Cautiously now, the party continued to explore their surroundings.
In one room they discovered the body of a creature made of metal and wood. Elec determined that the wood was not something he recognized, and that there was some magic deep inside the body.
In another room, after a horrible mishap involving the last surviving guardsman and the pointy ends of a spear and rapier, they found the long since dead body of a wizard and a scroll of Repair. Quickly returning to the strange body, Elec cast the spell on it and revived the creature. The creature was surprisingly calm, considering what had happened to it, and introduced itself as Breach, a Warforged.
The party opted to barricade itself into the room and spend a fitful, sleepless night. Fortunately for Elec, Artemis and the tongueless hobgoblin, Breach did not sleep and asked only for a small dagger to entertain himself throughout the night while he kept watch.



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