The ship and The button

After restoring power to the ship, by restoring the nameless torture to the poor barkeep, the party was going to continue exploring their prison ship, and hopefully find a way off. Unfortunately the noise caused by their dispatch of the guards in the room with the captive, as well as the momentary pause in the ships momentum, roused another Orc. He entered the room, the party was in and managed to escape with his life, sounding the alarm as he ran through the ship. Faern also fled, and was nowhere to be found when the party excited in pursuit. Confronted with poor odds, that seemed to be getting worse, the party bolted down the hallway and smashed into a locked room they hadn’t explored before. The room appeared to be a captains room, although the orc inside was not entirely lucid. Deciding that desperate times called for crazy measures the party, under the leadership of Elec, sprinted back towards the room that had contained the mysterious Gnomish device. As they fled Artemis was badly injured by the imprisoned fire-breathing beast, but managed to escape. With the orcs in pursuit Elec hit the giant green button on the Gnomish device and all hell broke loose. It’s not clear what happened, although they managed to piece together a few things; there were hard and rapid directional changes that caused the party (and everything else on the ship, except the Gnomish device) to be tossed around in all directions. The Orcs were apparently not anticipating this, as several of them died in the ensuing crash, suggesting that the device either malfunctioned, or was used for a purpose beyond what it normally was used for.
When the party came too they were alone in the ship on a unfamiliar planet. A tentative exploration of the ship showed that the creature in the cage was injured, several orcs were dead and the ship was grounded and damaged. After searching the ship for anything useful, and briefly exploring the external word the party set up camp in the old captains quarters to spend the night, hopefully in peace and quiet.


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