The Flyer and the undead

After resting and listening to Breach‘s story, the party continued on their way. Unsure of where to go next they methodically explored the entire 1st level of the ship they were on. Breach confirmed that it was indeed a ship and that there were multiple levels above them.
After spending several hours investigating the grid of rooms they had found themselves in, the party moved out into a large open space and found a giant door. Forcing the door open they found themselves in a giant room. The room was completely empty, except for the walkways around the room, the soft purple light falling from the ceiling and the giant, dead monstrosity on the floor. Without some other confirmation neither Elec nor Artemis could be sure that the thing on the floor was indeed The Flyer, but if it wasn’t then there are some pretty terrible monsters on this planet. Elec bravely took some of the leathery wing of the creature, determined to fashion a cloak from it.
As the party moved up to the 2nd level of the ship they found the remains of Breach’s old party. They looted the dead and prepared to move on.



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