A box and a backlog

(This functions as a summary for several missed synopses)
After exploring the 1st floor of the crashed ship, the party move upwards onto the 2nd floor. They immediately encounter the remains of Breach’s party, all dead now. Exploring the 2nd floor did little to explain the remains of the ship. There were undead everywhere, mostly zombies and wights, with occasional skeletons. The ship had, at one point, been well appointed, the party discovered an armory, as well as a gruesome lab filled with body parts.
After completing the exploration of the 2nd floor the party made their way to the 3rd floor. The third floor contained a ships helm, where some captain directed the flight of the ship, when the ship was airborne. The party also discovered a mysterious black orb of energy contained in a claw formation. It was never clear what the function of the orb was, although it did appear to warp the physical objects that were inserted into it.
On continuing exploration of the 3rd floor, the party found one room in particular that stood apart. It was a well appointed living quarter. Obviously designed for a spell-caster of some sort. It was remarkably well lit, and much less dusty than the rest of the ship, possibly suggesting that it was more recently inhabited? In this room the party found a mysterious box that was inscribed with runes representing life and death. No one in the party could get the box to open, although they did manage to make it shift confirmation sightly, but never found an opening. When the box was shaken there was a slight wispy sound from the inside, as if it contained dead leaves, or ancient fragments of cloth.
Eventually, using the ships controls, the party managed to escape through a large hatch in the back of the ship that led above ground. Despite a slight detour to investigate a cave, the party eventually made it back to Big City and to the house of Joaquim.
Joaquim seemed genuinely surprised by the news of the 2nd ship inhabited solely by the undead and promised to help the party investigate it. He immediately began planning a large scale operation, in which the ship would be surrounded by lights and thus protected from The Walker.
Unfortunately, early the next morning Joaquim‘s mansion was attacked by unknown assailants.
Figures dressed in all black armor, who manifested weapons on command searched the compound. They appeared to be led by a trio of warriors. One was a beautiful woman dressed in armor, and carrying a morning star. The second warrior was a burly scaled humanoid who was mostly covered in a large cloak, but carried a giant club. The third member of the trio was a slight drow who was unarmored, and carried a staff engraved with runes.
The party quickly found Joaquim and, at Joaquim’s insistence, rather than escaping, charged out the front door to confront the trio. Elec and Artemis quickly attacked the Drow, who was approaching them, under orders to “kill them and take it” (it was suspected to be the mysterious box, but that was not explicit). Joaquim went to battle the other two warriors.
During the fight against the strange Drow, some great spell was unleashed apparently destroying Joaquim as well as the other two warriors. During the chaos following the explosion, the strange Drow attempted to escape, but he was brought down by Artemis and Elec, who then kept him from dying, and bound him. Either to be questioned, or brought to justice.



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